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About Me

My background

My name is Rob Axtell and I am running for one of the At Large City Council seats for the City of Raleigh, NC. I am proud to be a Raleigh native! My parents were both educators, and my father served as a professor at NCSU for many years. I attended Broughton High School, graduated from NCSU (Go Wolfpack!) with a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and graduated from Wake Technical Community College with an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have lived in Raleigh my entire life and would like to give back to the city I love! 

Unlike most people running for office, I am NOT accepting donations because I feel that money has corrupted politics. If I am so honored as to win a seat on the City Council, I pledge to work as hard as possible to study the issues facing our city and make concrete recommendations (with your help) to solve them. I will not be beholden to any corporation or individual - just to the citizens of Raleigh as a whole.

I am a problem solver and a down-to-earth idea guy. Just like many of you, I wake up every morning, head to work in traffic and give it my absolute best. My reward is making the lives of those I serve a little better and putting smiles on their faces.

I have served in the multifamily housing industry for over 25 years. During that time, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a very broad and wonderfully diverse group of people. I serve EVERYONE, and that is what I will do if I am so honored as to be elected to a Raleigh City Council seat. 

Thank you for your support, and your vote on October 10th!

My top issues

I would like to balance the business interests of Raleigh with the needs of the citizens. We can do this together!

Transportation - Like many in this city, we get around by truck, car, bus, bike or on foot. It is no secret that Raleigh traffic has gotten extremely congested over the years and will only get worse. There is an immediate need to start constructing light rail to connect major parts of the city to RTP. Imagine jumping on a bus near your home, taking it to a light rail station, and using the light rail to access RTP, downtown Raleigh, North Hills, NCSU or Walnut Creek Amphitheater. In the meantime, improvements need to be made to the bus system so that more people can and will use it. In addition, there are numerous high-traffic roads that lack sidewalks and/or bike lanes. Traveling around Raleigh, I see immediate needs for upgraded lighting, signage and road repair.

Affordable Housing - Beautiful housing has been created around Raleigh over the years with every bell and whistle that make living there enjoyable and amazing. However, more and more people (including men and women who serve this state with selflessness, such as police officers, firefighters, teachers and city support staff) are having a hard time finding affordable housing in the city. I would encourage developers to include affordable housing in their construction plans. The demand is high but the supply is low so the opportunity is there for a win-win situation for developers and citizens. "If you build it, they will come."

Greenways and Parks - Raleigh has an incredible park system! It is an area with many great parks and trails; however,  some improvements are needed. There has been a significant increase in "weekend warriors" who enjoy sports, cycling, walking, boating, swimming and just sitting on a park bench enjoying nature. So, ensuring that the parks are clean, safe, and well-maintained are high priorities. My wife and I use the parks extensively, and would like to see even more focus on making these the envy of our state. I would also like to see more advertising regarding what Raleigh parks have to offer to ALL of our citizens, and to evaluate what areas need expanding.

Local Businesses - From awesome craft breweries, to incredible art galleries, to innovative boutiques, to a plethora of unique food offerings, Raleigh has something for everyone! Local businesses need our support. Let's adopt city codes that balance the citizens' needs and the interests of these local businesses. Shop local and buy local when you can!

Innovation - I support innovations that can reduce the city's electric, water and trash costs and keep our city beautiful and clean. Let's look into ways to recycle even more materials, increase renewable energy and conserve where we can, while still maintaining a high quality of living.

A hard-working, hands-on problem solver who loves Raleigh, will serve ALL of Raleigh's citizens, and who would like to share the following message with you:

Ready to Serve The City of Raleigh

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